We All Fall Down | Styled Shoot

in the fall, I had a bride come in for boudoir and her makeup was popping, so I asked her who did it. She told me about her girl Bree, and sent me her instagram info. Obviously I stalked Bree’s page and her makeup work, and then, a few months ago, I realized some of these amazing photos were of HER. I may or may not have immediately requested to follow her private personal instagram and, well, like a true millennial she must have been like “okay” and let me. After stalking her thoroughly, I sent her a message.

“hey, my name is Jules!! I was Maddie’s wedding photographer and she gave me your info!”

“Hey Jules! How are you?”


“sounds good, just tell me when and where”

OKAY that might not have been exactly how it happened, but details details, don’t worry about the details. The important part is that I had a vision and an idea and a direction and SOMEHOW it was executed exactly how I thought it could happen in my wildest WILDEST dreams. Turns out Bree has a super handsome boyfriend named Kyle (guys, he’s 6’7”……SIX FEET SEVEN INCHES TALL.) and he was totally down to model for me, too. Cue the flow of ideas.

So we ended up putting together the most epic styled shoot at our new studio space, SOURCE. (which is available to rent for your own styled session or mini session day!!)

We also just happened to get some of our favorite friendors to join us in making this really epic.

RENTALS: Sapphire Road + Event Central

HMU: Bree Quinn (yeah, she did her OWN HAIR AND MAKEUP)

BLOOMS: Blossom Bliss Florist

VIDEO: Zela Films

CAKE: Crumbcoat Confection

DRESS: Cherry Blossoms Dresses, Bulgaria

PHOTOGRAPHY: Juliana Schutte + Erin Ehrhart at Philter Photo

ARTISTIC DIRECTOR: Juliana Schutte at Philter Photo


Peep the bouquet switch…. Kristen totally created a bouquet of DEAD THINGS for our shoot. Ugh, it’s inspired.


Yeah, it doesn’t get much better than this.

xoxo Jules

RENTALS: Sapphire Road + Event Central

BLOOMS: Blossom Bliss Florist

VIDEO: Zela Films

CAKE: Crumbcoat Confection

DRESS: Cherry Blossoms Dresses, Bulgaria

PHOTOGRAPHY: Juliana Schutte + Erin Ehrhart at Philter Photo

ARTISTIC DIRECTOR: Juliana Schutte at Philter Photo

Alicia + Charlie | Downtown Baltimore Wedding

Paraphrasing from the song Alicia and Charlie walked down the aisle (TOGETHER, might I add, arm in arm, two equals giving themselves to each other. No hand off, not giving anyone away, just two committed souls madly in love), this song moves everything inside my heart in all the right ways.

And we'll one day
Tell our story
Of how we made
Something of ourselves now

Our favorite parts are what we'll keep
Ornamental parts of love and parts of memories so
Everything else has room to grow
'Cause in better light
Everything changes

There's no race, there's only a runner
Just keep one foot in front of the other
There's no race, there's only a runner

One, two, three, even when you get tired
Just keep one foot in front of the other
There's no race, no ending in sight
No second too short, no window too tight

Turn off the lights when you leave
'Cause we've got everything we're gonna need
We're on the run, we're on the run, we're on the run child
We gotta run, we gotta run, we gotta run child

One day
Tell our story
Of how we made
Something of ourselves now.

Lucius - Two Of Us On The Run

We enjoy our couples so freaking much, but these two have us in total awe. They love so unconditionally. They love really really hard. They fight for what’s right. They are worldly. They are intelligent. And I can’t believe we are lucky to say, “yea we know em”.

Although it poured, Alicia and Charlie did not miss a beat in enjoying the beautiful wedding last November. Every detail was elegant, the ceremony was incredibly romantic, and the party went on and on and on.

It would be remiss of me to not point out how f*ing hot Alicia looked in her dress, please pay special attention to her back (wink wink, I got you girl).

A shout out to the team that Alicia and Charlie pulled together for this incredible day.

Foster’s Flowers

The Grand

Bachelor Boys

Suzanne + Robert | I'm Dreaming of a White Wedding

I have to be honest with you— when Suzanne first came into the office, I wasn’t sure she was going to book. She was tall and put together and felt very intimidating to me. She WALKED a few BLOCKS in SKY HIGH HEELS to meet at our studio and breezed in all blonde and boss-like and I thought, “this girl is LEGIT.”


First off, Suzanne is a boss. She’s the bossest of the bosses and she totally rocks. When she told me she was booking Philter, I did a little nervous dance and hoped I’d get to know her better soon. On their engagement session, I was so nervous that I wouldn’t do them justice. BUT GUYS. Within the first few minutes, I experienced the craziest thing: these people were PHENOMENAL!! They were open, and admittedly, a bit nervous themselves, BUT TOTALLY AMAZING. We realized on a (longer than expected) car ride together that we may or may not have WAY more in common than we (I) first thought, and that we kind of had a blast together and that this was going to be a glorious arrangement.

So their wedding day? I showed up SO STOKED. I don’t know if you can tell, but there are a LOT of caps in this post. I can’t contain my excitement and love for this couple. They are wonderful. I love them.


xoxo Jules

PS: When are we getting dinner, S+R? I’ll text you.


Venue: Allenberry Resort ( and the planner from Allenberry was the sweetest, Kelsey!!)

Florals: Sarah’s Floral Designs

Live Music: Corinna Joy Music

DJ: HD Entertainment

Sweets: Kyrsten’s Sweet Designs

Taylor + Chris | Surprise! We Need a Photographer

In August, I got a quick email from a videographer we love, Zack from Zela Films. He said something along the lines of,

“Hey Jules, we have this cool bride who NEEDS a photographer last minute. Do you happen to be available for their date?!”

GOOD NEWS, TAYLOR. I am, miraculously, NOT BOOKED for your date. The one that is next month. The one that is literally 5 weeks away.

Okay. I got my head together, facetimed Taylor, and realized a few important things. First of all, Taylor is freaking gorgeous. Second of all, her fiancé sounded like the best kind of guy there is. And third of all, Zack + Lydia would be there, so I knew everyone there had to be amazing people. Only problem? I wouldn’t actually meet my bride until THE MORNING OF HER WEDDING. Nerve wracking for all of us, but holy moly— it turned out to be a BLAST and I’m pretty sure I’m now part of the family? Yeah. I’m definitely part of the family now.

I SPY ZACK. (Sorry, I’m definitely in your shot, too)

I SPY ZACK. (Sorry, I’m definitely in your shot, too)


Venue: The English Manor

Photography: Philter Photo (all the second shooter love to Jessica Fenon from Valor + Vine)

Videography: Zela Films to see Taylor + Chris’s Wedding Film, click here

Special thanks to Long Branch Trolley!



Jillian + Rick | Summertime Love at Lauxmont Farms

We get matched up with our couples in a variety of ways. Google searches, vendor referrals, past bride and grooms, The Knot, Facebook, Instagram and so on. Jillian is the baby sister to Stephanie’s hubby’s best friend. Are you still following us? So that childhood lifeline lead Philter to meet and fall in love with these sweethearts. Jillian is a total stunner. If it’s not her smile that wins you over immediately, its her kind and fun personality that seals the deal. Rick, her incredibly caring hubby is a complete and total match for her sunny spirit.

Grinning from ear to ear, the ENTIRE DAY (even when the rings weren’t brought to the ceremony), Jillian and Rick had the wedding they dreamed of with their closest friends and family at Lauxmont Farms on a beautiful August day. The day began with champagne toasts and ended in guests circled round the couple singing their hearts out at during last call. Taylor Swift blared, Pittsburgh style desserts were abundant and two Philter photogs were in absolute heaven.

Maddie + Jimmy | If not Jesus, then Jimmy

You may remember a post from a little while back, about Maddie + Jimmy and their downtown Harrisburg engagement session!! Well, now we are officially at Part 2 of their love story with Philter: The Wedding Day!!!!

These two tied the knot in a full mass ceremony at Holy Name, in front of family + friends, and, guys, a whole lot of love was shared. Maddie was convinced that she was not cut out for marriage. In fact, she was looking into dedicating her life to the Catholic church when Jimmy walked into her life. While I don’t think either of them would argue that Jimmy has stolen her heart, I think he certainly has a chunk of it and it became clear to Maddie that this was the plan for her life. The two of them lead a wonderful life in Nashville, TN, and they’re sweetest FREAKING couple that has ever existed.

There is not much more I can say, but there is a LOT I can show you….


And there you have it, folks. The best day ever.

Xoxo, Jules

Ben + Beth | A Fairytale in Hershey

Beth + Ben are one of our sweetest couples, kind of the Hermione + Ron of Philter: Beth’s a gorgeous, brilliant woman with the clearest, sweetest eyes, and Ben is a goofy, hilarious redhead with a heart of freaking gold. They had a sweet ceremony at Historic Acres of Hershey, which, while not the Hogwarts of Central PA, definitely captured the nature of their tender relationship.

Ceremony Goodness

Reception stuff

We had a blast with this amazing couple, and we can’t wait to see where life takes them next!!!!!!


Steph + Jules

Mary + Joel | It's Always Sunny and Lovey in Philadelphia

Ahhh Mary + Joel. The coolest couple ever. They contacted me and said “hey, we’re engaged and we want to make sure our photos celebrate where we live— Philly!” So I hopped in the car and met them at their adorable house next to the best Mexican restaurant I’ve ever eaten at we took off for a Philadelphia sized adventure.

Not only are they ridiculously cute, BUT Mary has the BEST sense of style. Her next outfit change was one of my favorite dresses EVER.

Other Pics

IF YOU HAVENT NOTICED: Mary + Joel are from the Philippines. So I may or may not have suggested a nighttime visit to Chinatown and THEY LOVED THE IDEA. So we went for some funky photos at Chinatown cause WHY NOT!

And there you have it— one of my FAVORITE Philly engagements and one of the coolest couples that exist. Can’t wait to see where life takes you guys!!!!

xoxo Jules

Maddie + Jimmy | Harrisburg Capitol Engagement Session

Sometimes you just meet someone and you know, you know? Maddie and Jimmy are those types of people-- I met Maddie when I was interviewing babysitters for my little love back in 2016. I needed someone to hold down the fort while I shot weddings and my husband was working, and in stepped Maddie, all blonde and lovely and bubbly and everything I could ever ask for in a babysitter. Some of you may recognize her as your child's teacher at Holy Name, everyone else will see her smile and just know that she's gotta be one of the sweetest people ever. In Jimmy, Maddie's found the love of her life. He's supportive and HILARIOUS and the perfect ying to her yang. 

First we headed to the Capitol in Harrisburg. The area surrounding the building has several interesting textures, patterns, and pops of color perfect for a summertime engagement session. If there's anything I can tell you to expect from this session, it's lots of laughter, love, and a whole lot of sweetness <3 It's a....Graham Slam, if you will ;)

FUN FACT: Maddie and Jimmy's first kiss (sorry mom!) was after they both sloppily ate some 3B's ice cream, so naturally we decided to get ice cream at 3Bs. BEST CHOICE EVER.

We ended the session during glorious golden hour. A field nearby the Philter studio is the perfect backdrop for ooey-gooey lovey photos, and this couple did not disappoint. 

M + J, I can't even wait for your wedding. It's going to be incredible!!!!!

xoxo Jules

Charlie and Alicia | Downtown Harrisburg Engagement Session

So often it is easy to miss the beauty that is in our hometown. Hanging with Alicia and Charlie at their place in Midtown reminded us just how much we love our city, from the kind neighbors, art filled streets and countless hang spots for good food and icy cold drinks. 

Christy and Stephanie tagged team the engagement sesh and started at the home with their rescue pup Pipi. Within 3 mins of shooting, a giant storm rolled in and kicked our butts, but with Alicia and Charlie's up for anything attitude, we rolled with the thunder. 

After waiting out the storm, we headed to the Midtown Cinema for ice cream and ran circles around ZeroDay's brewpub's walls. Holy dress batman, Alicia's attire was THE PERFECT fit for our adventures. 

We were lucky enough to catch the sunset while walking on River Front on our way to Alicia and Charlie's watering hole, Note

Despite the gloomy weather, the day ended up to being absolutely perfect. Their November wedding can't come soon enough!