We are so stoked that you chose Philter to document your wedding day! We live for love and joyful unions and the emotional connection you two share. How incredible it is to form a partnership like that!! So let us be the first to say WELCOME! We are so honored that you chose Philter. Let's get started!

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You chose a wedding package, what next?!

That's the best place to start! Now we get to start planning the other two big facets of your wedding planning, the engagement session and the One Month Out meeting (OMO). 


Engagement Sesh

You have one job: Decide what kind of session you want! Are you a mountaintop kind of couple, or a cityscape chic couple? Do you want to get cozy on the couch with beer or coffee and giggle the morning away? Are you more interested in a windswept, sunset field? It's entirely up to you! What can you expect from your engagement session? A ton of fun, a total adventure, and a great opportunity to get to know the way your wedding photographer works.

While we don't require engagement sessions, we try to at least meet with every couple before the wedding for a quick session so that we all know how each other works. We approach posing in a different way than you might be used to, by composing a shot and shooting around the moment you both share through prompts, rather than telling you where to put your hands. We have found that this gets a more natural photo and allows you to loosen up in front of the camera. It also gives you a clear exception for your wedding day! No weird "what the heck is she doing, this is weird" feeling-- you already know what we're doing!

For the photo above, I told Matt to hug Kay from behind and whisper in her ear. I told him it could be something funny, something she's never heard before, or something intimate. He chose to whisper an inside joke in her ear and before I knew it, they were both cracking up in the most natural joy, and it looks just like them. No half-cracked, stiff smiles, just pure, realistic happiness. I just had to be there to direct a moment and capture the outcome. 


One Month Out

Oh how we love a good OMO! At this meeting, we talk all about your wedding day, figure out your day-of timeline, talk about details, wishlist shots, and the list of requests your mom probably sent with you. We sit down and hash it all out-- when your makeup artist needs to arrive, when the guys need to be dressed, when you'll walk into your reception. Everything. The major things like ceremony time will be set already, but the ooey gooey bits in between are what we need to get together, and who better to do it with than the photographers who do it every weekend!

We talk about the pin your great grandmother wore down the aisle, the shoes your aunt gave you, the veil with the lace that every woman has worn in your family. We chat about how Uncle Bobby might get a bit tipsy, so maybe don't get a ton of photos of him at the reception. Or get tons of them because he's hilarious! We talk about light and how to get the photos you're dying to get. We talk about when we arrive and when we'll leave. We talk about how the special exit works, and how we get to be your best friend and help coordinate your dream wedding day.

You will leave the OMO feeling relieved and excited! It's a great oasis time from the stressful last month before your wedding, and we like to do it over apps and drinks so it's even better. During this time, we will hash out your family photos and every detail to make sure your wedding day runs as smoothly as possible. Bonus points to the bride who brings her coordinator or maid of honor! 



Oh, your wedding day!!! We look forward to this day, so so much.  We can't wait to show up and capture every.single.second. Every tear. Every laugh, every surprise, everything.

Depending on what package you chose, we're showing up before your makeup is done with all of our gear, unloading in the reception spot, and making a beeline to you. If you have a second shooter, she/he is heading to the groom's room to kick it with the guys. The lead is headed to you and will spend the first 15-30 minutes photographing all those juicy details we chatted about at your OMO. We're styling your shoes and rings and invitations and those little details that we want to eat, because they're so delicious. (don't judge us, we love details soooo much).

After this, we'll take pictures of you getting into your dress, your bridesmaids freaking out over how gorgeous you are, and your mom buttoning you up. We like to set aside a few minutes for some private bridal portraits, and then we head out for either bridesmaid photos or a first look. Which is better, you ask? We'll talk about it at the OMO. The rest of the day looks like what we planned at the one month out, so there are few surprises, if any! The rest of the night *should* go smoothly, but in case it doesn't, don't you worry-- we know how to make it all work out! 



Your wedding album will be delivered within 8-10 weeks and a preview within 2 weeks, so you get to start reliving your day when you return from your honeymoon!! Share, post, change your profile picture! We can't wait to show you everything!