Meet the Team

Philter has been so insanely blessed in the past two years that we've been able to add to the team! We now have a whole host of ladies that live and breathe the photographer lifestyle, and lend all of their talents to this rapidly growing photography team!



Never in an million years could I imagine this is where we'd would be . Philter's roots were already planted and to take this amazing gift and water it to flourish is far beyond my wildest dreams. Once a momtog, now a full time owner and photographer, Philter is one of my life's greatest loves.

Married to my favorite rockstar and the momma bear to a wildly awesome 3rd grader, it is with so much grace and gratitude that I am here today. I am honored to share this journey. 

 Stephanie is the owner + a Lead Photographer

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Hi, my name is Christy! And if you haven't guessed already, I take pictures! But I don't just take photos, I want to take YOUR photos! I want to get to know and capture your family, husbands, babies, and your special days and give you photos that will capture your memories for a lifetime!!

When I'm not behind the camera, I'm at home surrounded by my guys. I can’t wait to hear your story—I'll get an iced chai latte with you any day!

Christy is an Associate Photographer



Is it totally weird to say that I just love people so much? I love photographing couples who are so in love that every moment is breathless; I want to capture every second of your wedding day. I truly want to be there for all of it. I wanna be best friends with you so I can document your love stories. I have said it before and I will say it again: there is nothing I’d rather be doing than sharing your day with you!

Fun facts: I love sushi, my little family of three, all things music, and anything on Food Network.

Juliana is a full time Lead Photographer + the Creative Manager



Well hello there! I am Erin!! I am so so excited to pick up the camera and pursue my ultimate passion— taking pictures of YOU!! I love all things kiddos, families, engagement and weddings. I love capturing every moment that happens in your life, and when I edit, gosh, I get this goofy grin because I just LOVE THIS JOB.

I’m married to the love of my life, we have two sweet kids, and we live in the Coolest Town In America: Lititz, PA!

Erin is an Associate Photographer


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