We're so excited that you're doing a boudoir session!!! These are our favorite sessions because we get to be creative and watch women blossom and take joy in themselves. It's the best experience!!

*****Hey lady friend, we love when you arrive early, but please wait until 15 minutes before your appointment time to come in for your session! We like to keep every session as private as possible, so please knock when you arrive!*****



Prepare for an afternoon of incredible empowerment. We use the word empowerment a lot when it comes to boudoir. Why? Because we HEAR it from our boudoir clients so often. They tell us that they leave feeling empowered and beautiful and loving themselves in a whole new way that they didn't think was possible. 

At every boudoir session, we play tons of moody music that gets you in the right headspace to take gorgeous body-loving photos. While your makeup is being done, we fill your wine glass and give you little snacks. We pick through your outfits and put together the most incredible looks. We light candles in our our fireplace, pull out our fur rugs, and turn up the heat and tunes so that you feel comfortable and ready. It's a really fun time!!!

BUT I'M NERVOUS. Understandable. Totally understandable. Bring a friend! 




We offer professional makeup application on all of our boudoir sessions. You're going to love the way you look, cause our makeup artist is incredible!

Come with clean skin and clean eyelashes (unless you have extensions!), but consider having your hair done or running a curling wand through it before you come! 

Bring a few ideas as to what you're interested in for your makeup look. We always suggest eyelash application because they make your eyes pop. Consider a bold lip or a winged eyeliner for some flair. Or go dewey for your bridal boudoir! Bring some ideas and our makeup artists will make your dreams come true!!



EVERYTHING. Your sexiest bras and panties. That one-piece lace body suit you've been dying to slip into. The black heels from the back of the closet. Bring it all and we'll customize your looks to suit your body and our space best. The more the better!

Outfit Ideas:

body suits (our fave!!!)

white t-shirt or beater with a red thong

all lace undies and nuthin' else

floral kimono or robe with white panties

olive green lace bralette + panties with wool stockings

Au naturel birthday suit ;) 





Will you help me with posing? OF COURSE WE WILL, that's why we're here!!

What if I'm not sexy enough for boudoir.... Girl everyone has an inner sexy just waiting to come out. Wait till you hear our playlist-- the goddess will emerge. We promise. 

Does anyone see these photos?! Will they be private online?!?!? WILL ANYONE SEE THESE PHOTOS??!?!??!?! Relax, your album is completely private and password protected, the photos are only seen by the photographer who takes them and our resident photoshop wizard who takes care of any unwanted naughty bits. No one enjoys your photos except your honey.