Alicia + Charlie | Downtown Baltimore Wedding

Paraphrasing from the song Alicia and Charlie walked down the aisle (TOGETHER, might I add, arm in arm, two equals giving themselves to each other. No hand off, not giving anyone away, just two committed souls madly in love), this song moves everything inside my heart in all the right ways.

And we'll one day
Tell our story
Of how we made
Something of ourselves now

Our favorite parts are what we'll keep
Ornamental parts of love and parts of memories so
Everything else has room to grow
'Cause in better light
Everything changes

There's no race, there's only a runner
Just keep one foot in front of the other
There's no race, there's only a runner

One, two, three, even when you get tired
Just keep one foot in front of the other
There's no race, no ending in sight
No second too short, no window too tight

Turn off the lights when you leave
'Cause we've got everything we're gonna need
We're on the run, we're on the run, we're on the run child
We gotta run, we gotta run, we gotta run child

One day
Tell our story
Of how we made
Something of ourselves now.

Lucius - Two Of Us On The Run

We enjoy our couples so freaking much, but these two have us in total awe. They love so unconditionally. They love really really hard. They fight for what’s right. They are worldly. They are intelligent. And I can’t believe we are lucky to say, “yea we know em”.

Although it poured, Alicia and Charlie did not miss a beat in enjoying the beautiful wedding last November. Every detail was elegant, the ceremony was incredibly romantic, and the party went on and on and on.

It would be remiss of me to not point out how f*ing hot Alicia looked in her dress, please pay special attention to her back (wink wink, I got you girl).

A shout out to the team that Alicia and Charlie pulled together for this incredible day.

Foster’s Flowers

The Grand

Bachelor Boys

Maddie + Jimmy | If not Jesus, then Jimmy

You may remember a post from a little while back, about Maddie + Jimmy and their downtown Harrisburg engagement session!! Well, now we are officially at Part 2 of their love story with Philter: The Wedding Day!!!!

These two tied the knot in a full mass ceremony at Holy Name, in front of family + friends, and, guys, a whole lot of love was shared. Maddie was convinced that she was not cut out for marriage. In fact, she was looking into dedicating her life to the Catholic church when Jimmy walked into her life. While I don’t think either of them would argue that Jimmy has stolen her heart, I think he certainly has a chunk of it and it became clear to Maddie that this was the plan for her life. The two of them lead a wonderful life in Nashville, TN, and they’re sweetest FREAKING couple that has ever existed.

There is not much more I can say, but there is a LOT I can show you….


And there you have it, folks. The best day ever.

Xoxo, Jules

Cherish Sessions | Celebrating Motherhood

This July, we're excited to announce that we're launching a whole new type of family photo from Philter: The Cherish Sessions. Celebrating everything that makes motherhood magical and capturing every tiny kiss, hand hold, and interaction with your little. Fully styled and curated to give you those warm gooey feelings! 

Set in a field in Harrisburg, complete sunset golden light, blowing grasses, a client closet stuffed full of flowy, floral dresses, and a mini makeup application (lashes, contouring + lips!) so that mama feels like the queen she is, these sessions will take your breath away. 

Here's a little preview of whats to come!! 


Alex + Courtney | Stunning Wedding At Linwood Estate, Carlisle

This is a long overdue post. First, welcome to our new website, our new blog! Get nice and cozy and find time to explore our home! But do that after you read about Courtney + Alex because these two are near and dear to our hearts. They've been part of Philter for over a year and we squeal every time we look through their gallery, reliving the best day of these two beautiful human's lives. 

Alex explained it so eloquently when we first met-- he said he wanted to host an entire weekend for their closest family and friends, and the moment they stepped foot on the property at Linwood, they knew it was exactly what they had dreamed about. The stunning mansion has so much character and hospitality  to offer and the sprawling grounds make for the perfect setting for gatherings. Courtney + Alex planted their roots in Philadelphia but for their wedding they knew they would have guests from all over the country arriving, so for a long weekend in September, Carlisle was home. 

After a Paris proposal, we knew their wedding was going to be nothing but spectacular. Emotions ran so high, joyful tears spilling from Courtney at the average of about every 15 minutes. It is our greatest pleasure to share with you images from the Smith's fairytale wedding. 

Venue: Linwood Estate
Flowers: JDK
Catering: JDK
Videography : ClickSpark Films


WE'RE NOT CRYING YOU'RE CRYING. okay we're definitely crying.