Melody + Justin | The full engagement session of our Blogging Bride

Mel is in front of my lens from time to time with fashion and lifestyle blogging but I never see her happier than when she's doing these photos with her man in hand. It's been our dream since meeting to do a wind swept engagement session and with her wedding only weeks away, I'm super excited to say mission accomplished. We'll let Mel share all her tips and tricks on styling for an engagement session but other than it being less warm than the seasonal average, mother nature gave us some stunning shooting advantages. 

Our evening took place outside of  Lancaster at the White Cliffs of Conoy. As a photographer, this was definitely on our bucket list and for Mel, it was exactly what she was envisioning for sunset session she had always dreamed of. 

Mandy + Cole | Two Funky Gals in Love

There is not much to say about Mandy and Cole other than the fact that we immediately clicked. They came in, we joked around with each other, and they told me they wanted to make things as easy as possible, and I had what they needed. We planned their engagement session and chatted about their wedding later this fall, and everything fell into place. 

The girls own a cute house that is almost too far from a Target that it makes me cry, BUT they have two (three now!) dogs, a great sense of style, and a banging sense of humor! I showed up on a chilly afternoon for some engagement photos at home with their dogs, and then we went down to the icy Susquehanna "just for fun" and got some fun shots along the river and woods. 

As Cole would say, "Okay sis, you're going to post a blog post about us? Like for real?!"

(I can actually hear her saying that though -insert cry-laugh face here lol-)


xo Jules

Allison + Steve | Winter Wedding at Ironstone Ranch

Our hearts and eyes were set on this couple many years ago when we were photographing a wedding back in 2016 (Hi Courtney and Mike!!!!). The officiant was a friend who delivered a witty yet incredibly heartfelt ceremony and had everyone talking about his words for years. We're actually all still talking about it. And at the same wedding, I spied my with my little eye this blond bombshell who was just killing it on the dance floor. I have never seen the moves that came out of that women's body in my lifetime. And that includes a lot of wedding receptions. 

So fast forward a few years and I'm meeting a bride who is looking at Philter to document their day and in walks THAT blond bombshell! And then I find out she's marrying that witty officiant. She told me all about this winter wonderland wedding they were planning at Ironstone Ranch. Anyone reading this blog knows how much we love Ironstone Ranch!! It was such a good fit for us each, the only hard part was counting down the days until their day was finally here. 

And what an incredible day it was. Allison spent her morning with girl tribe. A kinship among these kind, caring and hysterical women that I hope every bride has with her maids. And Steve belly laughed his way through the morning with his best men. Animals were petted, champagne was consumed, pizza was ate, not an ounce of panic or stress. 

And then the rest was history. Steve and Allison got to marry the humans of their dreams and then they danced. And they danced and they danced and they danced. 

Thank you again to Ironstone Ranch for ALWAYS putting their couples first and hosting a hella good wedding day for these two. We'll see you again soon!!

Venue: Ironstone Ranch

Makeup: Beauty by Khara

Florist: Butera the Florist

DJ: Mixed Up Productions

Eric + Amy | Fairy Tale Baltimore Wedding

Sometimes it takes a village to make a marriage successful. And sometimes that village wears black gloves.

We were so lucky to meet these two BEFORE they were even engaged. Many moons ago, we photographed a couple that is near and dear to our hearts, Alicia and Ryan. It is at their wedding that Eric (brother of the groom Ryan) caught the garter and his soon to be fiance caught the bouquet. So for years, we've had our eye on them :P

Needless to say when we got "the call", we were over the moon excited to document their special day. Could not have asked for a better day for an October wedding. The city of Baltimore painted a beautiful backdrop, the champagne bongs were flowing (just learned what those were, not even sure we're saying it correctly - champbong?!?!?), and the stunning couple couldn't get married fast enough. 

We had so much fun #goinggarland and hope to be a part of your lives and all the incredible milestones ahead of you!

Kristen + Ryan

We found ourselves at Ironstone Ranch several times this year, a place we like to call home. Kristen + Ryan were a couple we connected what feels like years ago and when they mentioned they'd be tying the knot at the Ranch, we knew we had to be a part of their special day. Our engagement session was spent exploring the city of  Lancaster (they live in Philadelphia and us in Camp Hill had Lancaster being a great meeting place) and had a blast pursuing record shops and drinking delicious beers. Anyone who knows us, knows that this kinda of date for us was a match made in heaven. It was quite fitting that for our one month out we met at a one of their favorite corner delis in Philly to crack open some delicious brews while hashing out the details of timelines, family photos and planning for our creative portraits. 

Coming up the driveway at Ironstone, the skies were gray and the air was full of mist. Kristen and Ryan were the COOLEST, CALMEST, COLLECTIVE couple ever. They embraced the weather and honestly sunshine would have been a bit of a bummer as Kristen's dress and accessories were some of the most stunning rustic vintage details we've ever seen. The moody and romantic day went off without a hitch. Please take a look their love story where a timeless bride married a true gentleman. The only way this could have been any better would have been if their bird Holly and pup Murphy could have been in attendance. They were probably busy throwing a house party while their parents were away :)

Venue: Ironstone Ranch

Caterer: C&J Catering

Hair/Makeup: Beauty by Khara

Alex + Courtney | Stunning Wedding At Linwood Estate, Carlisle

This is a long overdue post. First, welcome to our new website, our new blog! Get nice and cozy and find time to explore our home! But do that after you read about Courtney + Alex because these two are near and dear to our hearts. They've been part of Philter for over a year and we squeal every time we look through their gallery, reliving the best day of these two beautiful human's lives. 

Alex explained it so eloquently when we first met-- he said he wanted to host an entire weekend for their closest family and friends, and the moment they stepped foot on the property at Linwood, they knew it was exactly what they had dreamed about. The stunning mansion has so much character and hospitality  to offer and the sprawling grounds make for the perfect setting for gatherings. Courtney + Alex planted their roots in Philadelphia but for their wedding they knew they would have guests from all over the country arriving, so for a long weekend in September, Carlisle was home. 

After a Paris proposal, we knew their wedding was going to be nothing but spectacular. Emotions ran so high, joyful tears spilling from Courtney at the average of about every 15 minutes. It is our greatest pleasure to share with you images from the Smith's fairytale wedding. 

Venue: Linwood Estate
Flowers: JDK
Catering: JDK
Videography : ClickSpark Films


WE'RE NOT CRYING YOU'RE CRYING. okay we're definitely crying.

Madelyn + Stephan: A Real Backyard Wedding

GUYS! This is a REAL backyard wedding. This sophisticated, stylish and timeless event was held in the family home of our dear, sweet bride Madelyn. I was fortunate enough to meet Maddie + Stephen through one of one of our favorite couples of all time, Alicia + Ryan Garland. The flowers were bold and rich in color and GROWN ON THE PROPERTY. The calligraphy found on stationary and menus was hand crafted by MADDIE's MOM. The beer served was BREWED BY THE GROOM. The list goes on and on of all the DIY that went into this wedding, but I promise you my friends, this was not a typical DIY wedding. There was a team of amazing vendors along side the family that pulled this INCREDIBLE wedding together, but if you can't tell how amazed I am with all of my capital letters, let these images paint the picture for you. 




Hair/MKU: Up Do's for I Do's

Caterer: Clementines

Cake: Sugar Bakers

Live Music: Ken Kolodner

DJ: Raptor Productions

Kayla + Andrew | Married at The Barn at Silverstone

Earlier this summer, I had the honor to shoot an INCREDIBLE wedding for a couple who called themselves family before the walk down the aisle. There isn't much I can say about Kayla and Andrew that is not ridiculously sappy. As wedding photographers, we often fall in love with our couples—we can’t wait for their wedding days, that first kiss, the tearful vows and the stunning sunset photos. We want to be right up close to their love, capturing it and doing it justice. Kayla and Andrew are one of those couples who we just adore. They are elegant in an understated way; they don’t flaunt how sound and steady they are in each other’s love, but it is so evident in the way they move, the looks they share, and the gestures they make toward one another. They encompass everything we love about love. We honestly can’t describe how much they mean to me, all we can do is hope to show the world the kind of love that we need to see more often, through Kayla and Andrew’s wedding photos. Without further ado, one of my favorites of this season, K+A.



Crystal + Mark | Modern Chic Wedding at The Bond - York, Pennsylvania

I met Crystal last year when her bff/Philter Bride got married. I saw this super hot couple that looked so in love and being the curious photographer I am, I noticed there wasn't a ring on her finger. I said to myself, "gosh I hope that guy is smart enough to marry her!" And selfishly, I also said to myself "gosh, I hope they call me when they get engaged". Fast forward to July of 2017 and here we are, celebrating a STUNNING wedding at The Bond. 

One of the many benefits of spending your wedding day at The Bond is the versatile backdrops. Inside, stand out features include white washed walls, exposed ceilings and massive industrial looking windows. Outside, the building is literally surrounded some amazing street art and murals. So much vibrant color and character, every time I'm there I have no idea where to start because I love them all so much. And if you're still itching for the dreamy greenery landscape, hop in the car and five minuets later you've hit grass! Crystal and Mark took full advantage of these photo opportunities and let us take them just about every spot we could squeeze in. 

Since Jules was on the other side of town shooting another Philter wedding, my sidekick for the day was the one and only Miss Kelly Ann Shuler. Thank you for your badass photog skillz.


Venue: The Bond

Hair/Makeup: Rock Paper Scissors

Caterer and Flowers: Weddings by JDK