Mary + Joel | It's Always Sunny and Lovey in Philadelphia

Ahhh Mary + Joel. The coolest couple ever. They contacted me and said “hey, we’re engaged and we want to make sure our photos celebrate where we live— Philly!” So I hopped in the car and met them at their adorable house next to the best Mexican restaurant I’ve ever eaten at we took off for a Philadelphia sized adventure.

Not only are they ridiculously cute, BUT Mary has the BEST sense of style. Her next outfit change was one of my favorite dresses EVER.

Other Pics

IF YOU HAVENT NOTICED: Mary + Joel are from the Philippines. So I may or may not have suggested a nighttime visit to Chinatown and THEY LOVED THE IDEA. So we went for some funky photos at Chinatown cause WHY NOT!

And there you have it— one of my FAVORITE Philly engagements and one of the coolest couples that exist. Can’t wait to see where life takes you guys!!!!

xoxo Jules